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Ice Machines

Hutto Refrigeration - Since 1948

Ice Machine Leases

Hutto Refrigeration in Charleston, S.C. offers premium quality and service for long and short-term ice machine rentals, including special event services. Under our icemaker leases we provide 100% parts and labor repair coverage. Our family run business is the oldest in the lower part of the state with 48 + years of ice machine leasing experience and customer focus knowledge.

The average life of a commercial ice machine owned by an end user is 5-7 years mostly due to the lack of preventative maintenance. With Hutto Refrigeration we take all the guesswork out of caring for your machine to save you time and money.
When leasing from Hutto Refrigeration customers receive a premium icemaker and the Hutto standard of service including:
Hutto ice guarantee
No repair bills
Complete tax write off
Factory updates as needed
Recondition every 2-3 years
Preventive maintenance program
Serviced by only factory trained technicians

With the Hutto ‘Ice Guarantee’ you’ll never fear running out of ice again. If any of our leased machines are inoperable we will deliver ice to your business or event until your maker is back to working condition.